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Using Uptown’s Bike Trail…


Uptown’s Eastern border, as every local knows, is Lake Michigan. But where we all go to hang out, Montrose Harbor and the areas of Lincoln Park north and south of that location, has all sorts of outdoor activities to sample. This post is simply a reminder to use Lawrence, Wilson, Montrose, and Irving Park entrances to the Chicago Bike Trail, which winds up and down the entire length of the lakefront. (There are a few underpasses to and from the trail as well, including one near Gordon Terrace, Waveland, Argyle, and Roscoe.) Bikers, runners, roller-bladers, and walkers enjoy this great trail, which runs through Lincoln Park and offers views of everything from the Peace Garden and golf course near Irving Park to Montrose Beach, with easy access to swimming in Lake Michigan during spring and summer months.

I have marathon trained, just done short recreational jogs, and lately merely walked four to six miles every other day or so on this trail. It becomes something a Chicagoan begins to feel belongs to him or her. When I see the Bike Trail in a car driving down LSD (Lake Shore Drive) after having been out of town, it is at that moment I feel truly home, even if I’ve still got six or seven miles to go before reaching Uptown and 920 W. Wilson Avenue.

If you are a biker, jogger, walker (dog-walker included!), or roller-blader, do *not* neglect this wonderful place to commune with nature and escape the rat race. A bit of advice… weekends in spring and summer are sometimes over-trafficked. Pick an early evening time on those days, or earlier in the morning. And get out there and do it!

Official city map of Uptown-related section of Chicago Bike Trail (as above image shows). This link offers ability to navigate the image in order to see entire Chicago Bike Trails.

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